Тема: Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping and also spoiled smoke

2) brand paper, the brand paper about real smoke is of reputable, high branding quality, transparent pattern, excellent color and additionally strong meaning of layering; And faux cigarettes employed by the brand paper conventional paper is awful, mostly just for anti-printing, sequence, color change, the meaning of hierarchy isn't really obvious.

3) all the glue point inside the adhesive close, the substantial smoke is normally USA Cigarettes Store sealed just by machine, the glue point and therefore the glue recognise are daily; And faux Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap cigarette painting brush glue personally, irregular glue dings.

4) structure tobacco items, real smoke golden color choice, rich for oily texture and consistency; And faux cigarettes are made from inferior Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping and also  spoiled smoke, smoked by means of chemicals, and additionally flavoring, nothing like the faux tobacco not organic flavor is normally obvious, and there is more smoke end, smoke stem.

5) lung burning ash holding, real smoke is in basically no external force inside action about continuous smoldering, lung burning ash color dreary, good lung burning ash holding; And additionally fake smoke cigars soot color choice black, and straightforward to drop lung burning ash. Some faux smoke suction reluctance, taste particularly laborious.